Our Journal

February 21, 2016

What’s a Lead Magnet?

lead magnet

it’s a bribe… but legal? It’s a Lead Magnet

what do I mean, well I’m ethically going to entice you with something in order that you will give me your contact information and there by allow me to sell to you.

Typically a “Lead Magnet” is FREE! that’s why most “Lead Magnets” are digital information… E-Book, SlideShow, AudioFile, Free Tool.

Why can’t I sell my lead magnet.

You can if you want, but that’s typically what your “Trip-Wire” is, and when doing a trip wire, we like to call it a self liquidating offer. We want the tripwire to pay for itself. In order to get them to your tripwire, you want to lower the barrier for engagement to as low as possible, and by doing a give to get lead magnet. This is the way to build your list.