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February 21, 2016

Modeling your website

When it comes to modeling your website there are a few tools really should know.

famous-celebrities-copycat-23First off don’t build your website in and greatest way when it comes to how it looks. We saw many flashy interactive motion based websites that didn’t convert well at all. I would actually model against websites that we know that actually convert and are doing the thing that we want to do. Off not all websites are built the same as well they have different purposes. Some websites are built to educate others are built for SCO some websites are only built to convert hate traffic. So let’s always try to figure out what it is that we are trying to accomplish with our website.

In the book 7 habits of highly effective people Stephen Covey talks about keeping the end in mind and you need to do that with your website as well.

I highly recommend looking at your competition.

Screen Shot 2016-02-21 at 4.34.21 PM

Spy foo… Sounds like a ninja move and I think it pretty much is. It’s a way of seeing what links are coming into a website and also other aspects of keywords and things in which they are doing.This is a fantastic tool…

At Digital marketers most recent traffic and conversion summit they talked a lot about sales funnels and how most of the time what you see is only a small portion of a company sales funnel. They likened it to an iceberg. You only see 10% of it above the water and yet they’re still this and massive amount of ice underneath the water. The part underneath the water is where the companies make the majority of their money. Tip of the iceberg is the lead magnet and the tripwire.

The lead magnet is a free gift to get type of Digital product. Once people opt into your list and say yes I want to get this free information they are also giving you permission to sell them. The deal is that a customer is 700% more likely to buy from you again in a noncustomer. It doesn’t matter how much that customer spent so we want to reduce the barrier to becoming a customer to as little as possible. That is why we do things like a free plus shipping offer. By giving something away for free… But still requiring someone to get out their credit card and pay for the shipping they in essence become a customer.At this point immediately you wish to sell them something else 4 to 10 times as much as the first products perceived value is.