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February 22, 2016

Strategy vs Tactician – Marketing or Product Development.

Many of you know that I am a huge Chet Holmes fan. I was first introduced to Chet Holmes when doing Tony Robbins business mastery classes. I just can’t say it enough this guy was amazing. He talks a lot about strategy versus being a tactician.

These days marketing and product development are closely related and the idea of having to create an innovative product prior to beta testing whether or not you’ll be able to actually sell it would be a huge mistake. With the advent of the blog surveys and website metrics you can actually see what feature set people most gravitate to. Then using growth hacker tactics you can bake in virality into your product.

In the book contagious by Jonah Burger he talks about why things go viral. There is no formula for it but there is a formula in which it helps something to be more likely to go viral. Meaning that you can’t make people shared however you can increase the odds shareability buy putting into your product and your marketing various attributes which make it easier for people to share.

In the video below it is a brief synopsis of the book contagious…

The next video below is based on the book growth hacker by Ryan holiday. Ryan holiday working traditional marketing for many years and developed himself into a successful marketer. Then seeing the shift in marketing coming, Like many good marketing and business professionals who can. Into The future and see what is to be. He began to craft his skills as a growth hacker. The term hacking gets thrown a lot these days where you can hack your sandwich ways to do laundry… There’s even hacks for cleaning your toilet bowl. But growth packing it’s probably closer to the original root of the word hacking.

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To be a hacker you had to use a systematic approach. There was a formula. You learn the secrets that once exploited brought you gain. With growth hacking you’re implementing specific measurable tactics to first understand what your customer is wanting… And then how to get your customers turned into and converted into raving fans who will become an army to help you market your product.