Our Journal

February 21, 2016


So today I want to talk about building a logo or just using text. Most people think that a logo has to be some kind of fancy design and that’s not always the case. If you look at many logos the logo is text. A lot of lovers also use a simple word art in order to make their logo. For today we are going to show you two websites that allow you to see your company name and a number of different fonts which makes it very easy to see how the change in font actually changes your logos look and feel dramatically.

One website we are helping to brand the Vinland post.

Vinland postPretty simple all you do is you typing the words that you would like to see in a variety of different fonts and then these two different websites will put that word into hundreds of different fonts and ally to scroll through them to see which ones you like better.



When it comes to getting a logo there really isn’t a need to shell out big-money especially when you’re a startup company. Simply using one of these sites to see how your word would look in a variety of different logos is probably the most cost-effective and easiest way to get started.

Also if you’re running for office and you want to style your name this also works very well. Many times candidates will ask if they need to create their name into a logo and I feel that most of the time the answer is no the money would be better spent elsewhere. If you are going to start getting into high ticket campaigns like for Senate or Congress then it might make sense but many times style eyes in your word is cheap and effective and very easy to do.

If you do want a graphical logo I would suggest a place like fiber.com or 99 designs. Oh desk or elands are also great places the final graphic designers unless of course you know somebody personally that is good at what they do. 99 designs I’ve had success with in the past however also I do know graphic designersWho are very good at what they do. This discussion is not about design more about the economy holiday logo.

Remember when you get the fonts you want to get one version in black and another version in white. The reason why he want opposite colors is that if you are to put your logo on a black shirt you’re going to need it in white and vice versa.

Also you’re going to want a horizontal logo and then you can want a logo that is stacked for vertical. So if you’re eight to work company that might make sense to have two different versions a fatVersion. More vertically allighned, and then a horizontal version.

Also just keep in mind that a logo is simply an expression of your company and that expression can be modified and changed. If you don’t think so… Not to argue with you but let’s just take a look at many different companies who have revamped their logo and their colors… They have rebranded. Branding and logo is not critical for most companies and if you have a shirt that has your old logo on it and then you come out with a new logo does everybody have to buy the new shirts? I don’t think so I think that you can continue to use shirts with the old logo on it. Especially today with many businesses doing majority of their sales in the majority of their business online updating your logo and hat is actually easier than it’s ever been. Rebranding digitalIs extremely simple. I would use a Single logo URL link which then populates into I’ll your website locations. That way when you go to swap out it’s so easy you’re only swapping out one file for another and everything automatically updates. If you build in that you are going to update your logo it makes Jamie it very easy.